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Online automobile financing companies aim to get you affordable car loan for either new or used cars. All auto loans program are designed considering all credit types, so it doesn't matter if you have bad credit, no credit, poor credit or bankruptc

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bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif 文章: Is there something like "Guaranteed Car Loans"? - 31/05/2010 09:57

It is very easy for the lenders to sweetly deny the loan, labeling the borrower as ‘a high risk client'. A guaranteed car loan can be a better option in these cases and it would help all the consumers to own their dream car. Borrowers with slightly less than a perfect credit score are denied but they have all the rights to own a car of their choice. Do not your weird thoughts ruin you and let’s look at the reality here. One can not change the poor or bad credit history overnight but there is a possibility to come home in the company of the SUV that the user wished. Bad credit car loans - These are special sort of loans given to the individuals who were ripped off elsewhere due to poor scores.

Guaranteed car loans are offered to people with poor or no credit score and are mostly offered to students who are just out of the college. Most lenders will scrutinize the borrowers for having poor credit history and they face loan denial charges. The companies are very much comfortable in sweetly refusing the loans and they are not ready to know the reasons for the poor credit history. Guaranteed approval car loans can avoid such kind of humiliations but the interest rates offered are higher for poor scores. It is up to the borrower to get a loan at a higher interest or to be without the loan. Here are some tips to be followed to get a guaranteed car loan.

Maintaining a good credit score is very important to avail the loan. This enables the borrower to negotiate a better deal with the sub prime auto lenders and saving few thousand dollars. Borrowers should shop around before signing the deal.

Comparison of rates and other benefits must be done with the data collected. Searching online and applying for quotes can be useful in these cases. Spending a little time to know about various lenders and their policies may end up in saving few thousand dollars. The pact must be signed and inked by both the parties. This will be helpful for both the parties and this avoids the lenders in throwing any hidden charges. It is important to get everything in written which safeguard the interests of both the parties.

The loan amount offered is heavily dependent on the resale value of the automobile. A Payment schedule should be fixed according to the financial capacity of the borrower. The best way to save some bucks after buying a car is to apply for a refinancing. People might pay higher interest rates when opted for a guaranteed car loan. This is subjected to having bad credit and bankruptcy background. A better deal would be the one having lower interest rates and offering the auto loan whose benefits can be enjoyed by the borrower later. The number of days to ink the deal is very less. People can get the loans in just a week’s time.

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif 文章: Auto Dealership Financing Scams and Tips to Avoid It - 21/06/2010 07:40

When people decide to buy a car, they must make wise decisions when it comes to the selection of dealers irrespective of buying a new or used vehicle. Most of the car dealers would be honest but the buyers cannot take it for granted at any conditions. The borrowers must be aware of the various scams in order to safeguard their interests. I have presented some of the valuable tips on how to avoid the auto dealership financing scams.

Financing scams are the most popular ones that prevail in the market. The borrowers might have applied for a loan and the auto lenders would have agreed to the interest rates specified by them. On taking possession of the car, they might get calls from the lenders informing that the loan was not approved and forcing the borrowers to pay higher rate of interest. The initial rate of interest would have been clearly explained in the agreement which would be termed as "subject to loan approval". The lenders have got all the rights to disqualify your loan application and might charge you extra $1000 as the finance charges and make you pay $50 extra per month. The borrowers can avoid making a deal if they are sure of having a bad credit. This might be an added burden later in the days to come.

Certain dealers will charge an extra $300 to $900 for the window VIN# etching saying that the bank officials demand this payment. Dealers might say that it is absolutely free and then add the same amount in the fee to cover it up. If anybody says its free, it is highly recommended to get it in writing from the dealer. If they are not ready to do so, then the borrowers must be ready to etch the car itself.

Beware of the credit score scam which might make you lose huge amount of money. Almost all the lenders would underestimate your credit score in order to pull higher interest rates. It is always recommended that the borrowers must take a copy of their credit report from equifax. It is tough for the lenders to deceive when the borrowers can have the proof of credit report.

There are some lenders who will insist you to pay an amount of $2000 for a forced warranty scam by informing that the bank officials demanded it. How is it possible for the bank authorities to trust you for a $22000 loan and not for a $20000 loan. The borrowers can simply ignore such deals or must get that in writing from the dealer.

The dealership preparation scam is yet another famous scam which every customer would have been a victim. An additional cost of $500 would be demanded by the lenders that will cover the labor costs who had removed the plastics from the seats, check the fluids and all the other aspects. However, all these processes are done in the factory outlet and the cost is already covered. People who know this information can argue this fact with the dealers and try to avoid the scam. In a nut shell, do not believe until it is written in the agreement.

Author: is the online auto financing company that aims to get you affordable car loans for either new or used car. All our program are designed considering all credit types, so it doesn't matter if you have bad credit, no credit, poor credit or bankruptcy. We have a wide range of car loans to offer that suits your requirements.

With, no problems can hold you back from placing your car on the road. Our widespread network of lenders would offer you low interest rates with instant and guaranteed car loans approval wherein you can get your auto financing approved within 48 hours of application. Apply now and see how easy getting the right automobile loan can be.

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif 文章: Benefits of Car Refinancing - 21/06/2010 07:54

If you are finding the ways for saving money on your car loan, then refinancing would be the best way. Automobile refinancing has gained its popularity due to the increase in interest rates that are charged by the car dealers. Over the years there has been a lot of change observed in the use of car refinancing.

Before few years, people use to refinance their car only to lower the interest rate, which is done till date. But there are lots of new concepts added to the same. Now people do refinancing for number of more reasons.

Bad Credit is one of the main reasons. It's a well-known fact that people having high credit score will get a low interest rate and vice versa. Thus people end up paying high interest rates due to their low credit score and the possible reasons behind is one that when they first applied for auto loans they might be having a bad credit and second is they had made a mistake while taking a car loan. And over a period of time they improve credit even then they continue to pay higher car payments for their past mistakes. However refinancing can lower monthly payments by lowering your interest rates even with no credit, bad credit or bankruptcy while making car payments more affordable.

Another reason is that you can redefine your loan terms in refinancing as it is considered same as a new loan. Like major benefit can be when you want to eliminate your cosigner on your car loan if before you had a cosigner signed on your original car loan. Furthermore you can remove the prepayment penalties terms which can been seen in most of the loan terms.

But the basic motive for car refinance is to reduce interest rates or a monthly payment which helps you to save money over the span of the loan. In addition to this, another motive is to lower car payments by extending the installments of the loan. It will take longer to pay off but the amount of car installments will be smaller to pay each month. Both of these options can be used together to fit an individuals situation.

Refinance car loans can thus solve each and every problem that arises after taking up a car loan. And helps you have some extra spending money at the end of each month and make your car note payments more affordable. Anyone can go for these loans and make their car loan burden lighter easily. is the online car financing company that aims to get you low rate car loans for either new or used car. All auto finance program are designed considering all credit types, so it does not matter if you have bad credit, no credit or bankruptcy, you can still apply for our car credit program. Our team of car loan specialist will help you to get loan based upon your credit rating and financial earnings. We offer a wide range of car loans that suits your needs and budget.

Refinance car loan program gives a second chance to lower your rates if you are already in the trap of paying high interest rate on your current car loans for bad credit situation. As it helps you reduce interest rates or a monthly payment, thus saving money over the span of the loan while making your monthly payments more affordable.

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif 文章: Student Car Loan Guide - 21/06/2010 07:55

With car being more affordable, college students have become the major users. However financing a car has always been problematic for college students as banks and other financial institutes usually hesitate to give car loans due to income or credit issues.

Online car financing is one of the good options that have come with web revolution. Students work part-time while studying for low income which apprehends them from getting car finance. Recently, competition between online lenders has become so tough that you can get finance for best rate and reasonable loan terms even with low income or poor credit score. Online application for student car loan eliminates your application or processing fees and you can obtain 3% less than dealer’s price. Online lenders have their network of lenders that helps you compare rate and have free quotes from more than one lender. The network consists of subprime lenders which offer you with best rates on bad credit and no credit car loans for college students.

No credit student car loan are much easier to get as no credit means you haven’t build your credit and lenders can rely on you. With no credit car loan you can also avail no co-signer and no credit check student car loan. Financing bad credit student auto loan are somewhat difficult as the lender may think that the bad credit is the result of your default on payment. Thus bad credit students get a little higher rate of interest than the no credit student loan. However, you can lower your rates by getting a co-signer sign for you having good credit or one another option is student car loan refinancing which can also get lower rate for the car loan, provided, you have paid the monthly payments in full and on time.

Student car loan is advantageous for the two major reasons. Firstly, it eliminates the transportation problem and secondly, bad credit history. Bad credit rating can be altered into a good one with the use of a car loan. The monthly payment made for car loan is being reported to every major credit reporting agency. Consequently, car loan if paid consistently and within the stipulated time period can perk up your credit rating.

Dig the well before you are thirsty is saying which the student can implement through pre-approved student car loans and in fact that could be a smart option to get you the best deal on car loan by getting your finance deal done before you buy a car. Thus it allows you to choose the car of your choice and at the same time negotiate the best rates with the lender.

While applying online for a car credit, make sure that the questions related to loan application are answered sincerely and precisely. This will help the lender to give you quote that is affordable as per your financial condition. To get a student car loan a buyer needs to be US resident and but obviously a student.

Before applying for a car loan, you should determine how much you can afford to spend as the rates differs from new to used car loans. Studying in college is already so hectic that you have no time worrying about how you are going to make car payment. If you need help with the calculation of loan payments, there are many online lenders who provide loan calculators where you have to enter the interest rate, loan amount, time period and you can get details of your loan payments. There are lots of options available with student car loans other than bad credit, no credit loans, no co-signer and refinancing which can save a lot of your dollars. Like No down payment or flexible down payments options which allows you to take away your car on full credit and no pre-payment penalties option which allows you to pay more in advance, to the specified time.

Online Car Loans make it very easy for the student to finance their car which saves their time, commuting through public transportation and allow them to concentrate more on studies.